2% for Justice - Our Commitment to Community

At Loisa, we believe good business is business for good.

We've been committed to community building and the fight for greater equity since day one, and are proud to outline our-long term commitment to advocacy, action, and support for you here. 

How does it work?
Every month we choose an organization to which 2% of sales will be contributed as a straight-forward, no strings attached, donation.

What types of organizations do we support?
Our focus is local non-profit organizations fighting for systemic change and equity in connection with food justice and social justice. As a small and growing business, we look to groups who can benefit the most from what we are capable of contributing, both through donations, and our ability to raise awareness of their work.

Who can get involved?
Ultimately, we hope this commitment extends beyond Loisa to our supporters, plus other business and groups. For now, if you get motivated by the organizations and causes we uplift, we ask that you join us in using your voices, dollars, and social shares to grow awareness and support.

Can I suggest an organization?
Of course, and yes please. Tag us on Instagram, share us a profile, or email any ideas to info@loisa.com. We'd love this to become a program that sources ideas and opportunities from the community itself.

A snapshot of 2% support to date...

To learn more about our community and our work, check out the blog here or email us at info@loisa.com with any questions, any time. 

Together, Loisa