Designed for Latin Cooking, Hecho con Cariño

Designed for Latin Cooking, Hecho con Cariño

A behind-the-scenes look into how we designed our new kitchenware line!

Sep 09, 2022

Designed for Latin cooking, and hecho con cariño, we’re so proud to share our new line of kitchenware with our comunidad!

We started Loisa because of a desire we felt in our homes and believed many others shared - the need for better quality Latin cooking products. We craved an ingredient list we could read and stand by, materials and packaging chosen with a care for our bodies and the environment, and a quality stream of inspiración y recetas.

While we launched with our signature Organic Sazón y Organic Adobo, and have since introduced our Sofrito plus more seasonings and spices, we’ve always seen our responsibility as something larger than just flavor. Through the products we create and stories we tell, we aim to honor our roots, tradiciones, and ancestors, while helping to carry Latin culture forward.

The effort to create intentionally designed, durable, safe, and (most importantly) joyful to use kitchenware was born from this motivation. We, too, share a love and nostalgia for the classic Latin cooking tools we have in our cocinas, especially those passed down by family or picked up on trips to La Isla. At the same time, we felt a need for updated options, designed for Latin cooking and hecho con cariño.

Today, we’re proud to share the results of that work so far! This journey has been a long one, defined by vision, revision, design, and redesign. We engaged our families, our friends, a talented set of partners, and you – our community – in order to get here. The way we see it, we’re still just getting started, and in that spirit, we’re excited to learn and evolve with your continued input and support. 

Ultimately, our hope is that introducing these items into our cocinas will inspire us to cook Latin foods and share our pride for Latin culture more often. Para la cocina, para la cultura!

Let’s walk through our new line of products:


We love tostones more than almost anything. Yet the tostoneras we’ve had (and we’ve had many) often broke at the hinges or split down the middle. With our product, we set out to design a tostonera that would be durable and last – because, simply put, we never want to stop making tostones.

With that, our final design came to include an interlocking internal hinge, curved edges for comfort in your hands, and a silicone base to stop slipping. The resulting experience is smooth and confident.


Most times we’ve made mangú, mashed yuca, or anything mashed, we’ve been underwhelmed by our mashers. Some are plastic and flimsy, some have wood handles that feel rough and splinter over time, and all have given us trouble getting into the corners of our bowls.

So, we made our masher from stainless steel so it’s strong, easy to clean and toxin-free, and shaped the head with slightly curved edges that make mashing feel natural and easy in any bowl. Plus, we chose a sun-shaped pattern for the slots on the head as an homage to our love for El Caribe.

Mortar y Pestle

Overall, it was our effort to thoughtfully design our version this centuries-old mixing set so the experience would be more vibrant and comfortable to use. The key to all this ended up being the addition of a separate silicone base.

It allows us to reposition the mortar in whatever direction we’d like, and still get leverage with our pestle to mix and mash garlic, spices, salsas y todo. 


We take pride in our cookware purchases, and don’t like using metal skimmers with our stainless or non-stick pans because it breaks our heart when they cause scratches. In pursuit of a safer and more enjoyable tostones (or chicharrones) frying experience, from start to finish, our vision for this skimmer was born. We landed on a head design made of 100% platinum-grade silicone in the same sun-shaped pattern as our masher, plus a wide grip bamboo handle for comfortable scooping and skimming, all without a scratch!

Using this utensil has proven even more versatile than we thought (pasta, steamed veggies y más) and it quickly earned a permanent place, stove-side, in our utensil holder.

We are so excited to finally have these out in the world, and can't wait to see what you make with them! Pa'lante!