Gandules Guisados with Savory Mushrooms
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Gandules Guisados with Savory Mushrooms

Crystal Rivera reminds us our eyes are connected to our stomachs with this beautiful & nourishing stew of earthy mushrooms and gandules!

Feb 08, 2021

By Crystal Rivera | @cookonyournerve

These stewed pigeon peas (gandules guisados) have butternut squash, and mushrooms that were first browned in a cast iron, and spiced with Loisa Sazón. I am pretty much addicted to these mushrooms, and would not be mad atcha if you chose to just make them alone. Something tells me, though, you will want to have this stew. This winter demands it.  

The day we started to buy frozen gandules was the day I decided I would cook with them even  more. They remain on the greener side when cooked under 40 minutes and have a wonderfully fresh taste, but no worries if you are stocked up on cans. Gandules in all forms are welcome here! In fact, the same goes for what squash you choose, and what mushrooms you prefer.

Now let's get cooking!

About Crystal Rivera

Crystal Rivera, once a performing poet, is now a food stylist, food photographer, and recipe developer located in New York City. Recipes found on her blog are flavored, mostly, by seasons. Particularly the way seasons move in the city, from market to market. Quickly. Born a Russian-Puerto Rican Jew in Queens, NY, many of her dishes merge cuisines into poems.

You can see what she’s been admiring and cooking by following her on Instagram, as well as on her food blog. She’ll be happy to see you.

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