Eat Más Adobo Set

For the adobo lover! Includes Adobo, Sazón + swag for pure flavor and joy.

All-purpose pride that's ready to gift, this set includes 1x bottle of our signature Organic Adobo, 1x bottle of our Organic Sazón, plus 1x each of our limited edition "Eat Más Adobo" tee and tote. Choose a shirt size and share the flavor!

This set contains:

Organic Sazón Seasoning (x1): A savory blend of organic achiote & aromatic spices for vibrant color & classic flavor. 

Organic Adobo Seasoning (x1): An all-purpose spice blend that will take any dish from bland to sabrosura.

Eat Más Adobo Tee (x1) & Eat Más Adobo Tote (x1)

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For la comunidad, by la comunidad.

Only Puro Sabor

Made with pure ingredients & materials, always and forever.

Flavor for Good

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What’s Inside

Everything Adobo

Sazón & Adobo Combo
Sazón & Adobo Combo

The Duo Delicioso! Our hero organic seasoning pair for all your flavor needs.

Eat Más Tee - Adobo
Eat Más Tee - Adobo

Wear this shirt to gather toda la familia around the table.

Eat Más Tote - Adobo
Eat Más Tote - Adobo

An all-purpose tote in honor of pure all-purpose flavor.

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