Vegan Mushroom Mofongo

Vegan Mushroom Mofongo

We're celebrating Afro-Latin flavors, ingredients, and cooking traditions for Black History Month. Destiny DeJesús (@eatyodestiny) kicks us off with a veganized version of the classic Puerto Rican mofongo.

Feb 11, 2022

By: Destiny DeJesús | @eatyodestiny

This Black History Month, we're celebrating Afro-Latin flavors, ingredients, and cooking traditions. To kick off our celebration, we're making Destiny DeJesús's vegan take on a classic mofongo. Made with fried green plantains that are mashed in a pilón (mortar and pestle) and prepared with fresh garlic and chicharron (pork skin), this Puerto Rican dish is also quite popular in Dominican and Cuban cuisine. It's roots come from the slaves of Angola and other regions of Africa, and the mashing technique used to make the dish is influenced by indigenous people. 

There are many different meat or seafood-based variations of mofongo, but it can easily be made vegan. Something that I’ve learned since going vegan is that when sharing veganized traditional foods with friends and family, it’s important to keep the flavor! My favorite vegan mofongo topping is mushrooms, which easily mimic the meaty texture people are looking for from this dish and soak up lots of sabor. Thanks to my Loisa Sazón, Adobo, y Sofrito, this dish delivers on the deliciously savory taste of traditional mofongo– made a little bit healthier. 

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