Sorullitos de Maíz y Queso
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Sorullitos de Maíz y Queso

Swap your mozzies for these delicious Puerto Rican corn meal fritters!

Mar 06, 2023

By: Eat Rico | @eatrico

There are quite a few fried snacks that yell, "Puerto Rico!" and sorullitos or sorullos are definitely one of our favorites along with bacalaitos and bolitas de queso. 

These Puerto Rican corn fritters are such a nostalgic snack for me. We eat sorullitos everywhere, and in any meal. We don’t care if it's during breakfast with some coffee or at dinner time with some mayoketchup. You can find them at celebrations like birthdays and Christmas, but also in moments where comfort is needed.

Sorrullitos are super easy to make and come in many different forms, all equally delicious. They can be sweeter or more savory, filled with cheese or without, made snack-sized or a bit heftier. We like to make our sorullitos on the sweeter side, stuffed with cheese, and on the smaller side so that one can easily dip away on the mayoketchup.  

Every generation and household has a very different way of making sorullitos, so this recipe can be modified any way you like. This is just the way that I have learned through my experience in kitchens in Puerto Rico. This receta is not my mom's or my abuelita’s, it's my own based on my sorullito preferences. I encourage you to try it out and find your favorite way to make them! Sorullitos make perfect party snacks or a classic “surtido”. For dipping, we added a shake of Loisa's Organic Adobo to our mayoketchup and broke out Loisa's Sofrito for an herby option. 

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