Sopa de Fideo
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Sopa de Fideo

This soup is big bowl of comfort in all the right ways.

Jan 24, 2023

By Emma Betancourt | @emmas.agenda

Sopa de Fideo is a big bowl of comfort in all the right ways. Feeling sick? Sopa de Fideo! Cold outside? Sopa de Fideo! Lots of people to feed? Sopa de Fideo! And the best thing about it is that this noodle soup can be customizable to whatever you have on hand. For example, sometimes, if I don't have enough carrots, I’ll add potatoes. I always make a big pot so I can have leftovers– it’s even better the next day! If you worry about your noodles being too soggy, you can easily cook them in a separate pot and drain them. When you are ready to serve, just add the noodles to each bowl!

This Sopa de Fideo is an homage to my Puerto Rican roots, and I’m proud to be cooking it with Loisa’s sazones. I hope it comforts you as much as it comforts me! Enjoy! 

About Emma

I grew up half-Mexican and half-Puerto Rican in California. Since it was easier to find Mexican ingredients in Cali than it was to find Puerto Rican ingredients, my mother would cook mostly Mexican dishes. As much as I loved the Mexican classics, I craved more classic Puerto Rican dishes in my life as well. As an adult, I made it a goal to cook more of the traditional recipes I’d eat with my Nana when I visited her in Puerto Rico. This journey sparked my interest in growing my own vegetables and even attempting to make my own seasonings to honor the way my Puerto Rican grandmother would cook. When I found Loisa a few years ago, as I was looking for an Organic Sazón that didn’t contain any artificial dyes, my classic Puerto Rican dishes started to get even better. Now, I even get Loisa’s refill bags on subscription because they've become so essential in my kitchen. These seasonings have helped my food taste as good as my Nana’s (well, almost, because let’s be honest…nothing is ever as good as our abuelitas!)