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No street vendors nearby no fear! You can enjoy Bacalaitos right at home with this simple & tasty recipe.

Apr 14, 2022

By: Carolina Ginorio | @caroginorio_pr

Walking distance from my favorite beach in Puerto Rico there are these wonderful little cinder block huts that serve up all of the fried goodness that my heart desires—the kind of spot that has an open-flame grill, a cooler full of beer, and an old radio tuned into the local reggaeton station. The women there are experts at making these bacalaítos as big as your face. They stack them up on a stick to stay warm over the fire, so they’re piping hot when you order one and you need a napkin to hold it without burning your fingers. 

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Growing up my family would go to the beach for every holiday, and during Lent when our usual street-food haul was limited to fish we would buy a huge stack of bacalaítos for the whole family. That’s why every year around Easter I crave these things, and if there isn’t a street vendor nearby I love frying them up at home. The recipe is deceptively easy, and with Louisa’s flavor trio most of the work is already done!

loisa trio

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