2% For Her Justice
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2% For Her Justice

Providing free legal help to women living in poverty and pursuing policy changes that make the civil justice system more fair and functional.

Mar 29, 2024

As part of our ongoing commitment to community, Loisa donates 2% of sales each month to a community organization. In honor of Women’s History Month, this month we are supporting Her Justice, an organization helping women in poverty by recruiting and mentoring volunteer lawyers to provide free legal help regarding family, matrimonial, and immigration law.

In the pursuit of justice and equality, certain groups often find themselves marginalized and disenfranchised, facing obstacles that hinder their ability to access legal assistance and protection. However, amidst these difficulties, organizations like Her Justice are dedicated to empowering women and ensuring that their voices are heard. 

Her Justice is a non-profit organization based in New York City that provides free legal services to low-income women facing matrimonial, family, and immigration law issues. Since its inception in 1993, Her Justice has been committed to bridging the gap in legal representation for women who would otherwise struggle to afford or access such services. The organization also advocates for policies at local, state, and federal levels that will change the civil justice system for the better.

At the core of Her Justice's mission is the belief that every woman deserves equal access to justice, regardless of her socioeconomic background. The organization operates with the conviction that legal empowerment can significantly improve the lives of women and their families, leading to more equitable outcomes and a stronger, more inclusive society.

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Her Justice’s work is guided by several key values:

Empowerment: By providing women with the legal knowledge and support they need, Her Justice empowers them to assert their rights and make informed decisions about their futures.

Equality: Her Justice is dedicated to promoting gender equality by advocating for fair treatment within the legal system and addressing systemic barriers that disproportionately affect women.

Collaboration: The organization collaborates with a network of volunteer attorneys from top law firms who generously donate their time and expertise to represent Her Justice clients pro bono. Through these partnerships, Her Justice is able to extend its reach and maximize its impact.

Community Engagement: Her Justice actively engages with the community through outreach programs and educational initiatives aimed at raising awareness about women's legal rights and available resources.

Since 1993, Her Justice has made a tangible difference in the lives of countless women and families. Through the following robust initiatives, the organization has helped women secure orders of protection from abusive partners, obtain custody of their children, and navigate complex immigration processes. 

Child Support:

Her Justice understands that the complexities of the legal process can be overwhelming, especially for individuals without legal representation. Through Phase II of the Towards Justice for Parents in Child Support Courts project, funded in part by the New York Community Trust, Her Justice is working tirelessly to advance policy reform that prioritizes equitable, empowering, and efficient processes for obtaining child support.

This initiative builds upon the insights gained from a comprehensive court-watching project conducted by Her Justice in collaboration with the Fund for Modern Courts. Over the course of two years, 89 trained volunteers observed 797 child support case appearances in New York City Family Courts, providing invaluable data and firsthand accounts to inform policy recommendations and advocacy efforts.

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Financial Freedom Project:

The Financial Freedom Project stands as a testament to Her Justice's commitment to providing comprehensive legal services and financial advocacy to women in need across New York City's five boroughs.

The Financial Freedom Project serves as an expansion of Her Justice's existing services, offering holistic legal representation and financial advocacy tailored to address the unique challenges faced by women navigating divorce proceedings and consumer debt defense cases.

Eligible clients for the Financial Freedom Project are those who:

  • Identify as women,
  • Report household income at or below 200% of the federal poverty line,
  • Seek assistance with filing for divorce or have been served with divorce papers by their spouse, and
  • Have accrued consumer debt during their marriage, including but not limited to credit card debt, student loans, payday loans, car loans, medical bills, utility bills, and rental arrears.

Through the Financial Freedom Project, Her Justice provides free legal representation and economic advocacy to eligible clients, ensuring that they have access to the support and resources necessary to navigate complex legal proceedings and achieve financial stability.

Trafficking Survivors Resiliency Project:

Supported by the Leonard & Robert Weintraub Family Foundation, The Venable Foundation, and The New York Bar Foundation, the Trafficking Survivors Resiliency Project provides a lifeline for survivors, offering them a clear pathway to transformative legal services that ensure safety, financial stability, and freedom for themselves and their families.

For survivors of sex trafficking, racially motivated arrests for "prostitution" often result in criminal records that impede stable employment and healing. Additionally, the ongoing threat of ICE deportations further compounds the challenges faced by immigrant survivors. 

Through a two-year pilot project, Her Justice aims to expand its capacity to provide civil legal services to trafficking survivors seeking protection and economic stability, with a specific focus on supporting Mandarin-speaking survivors and their families. The project will offer know-your-rights information sessions, trainings for community-based organizations, and develop a pro bono placement program for T visa cases, the primary immigration remedy available to trafficking survivors.

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Immigrant Survivor Employment Access Project:

Recognizing the transformative potential of employment authorization, Her Justice launched the Immigrant Survivor Employment Access Project to address the extended wait times that hinder survivors' ability to achieve independence and safety.

Through the Employment Access Project, Her Justice seeks to deepen its understanding of the economic, physical, and psychological benefits of obtaining employment authorization for immigrant survivors. Building upon preliminary findings from a 2018 survey of immigrant clients, Her Justice aims to quantify the advantages of an employment authorization document (EAD) while shedding light on the unique challenges faced by survivors working without authorization, including lower wages and heightened susceptibility to exploitation and harassment.

By championing the rights of low-income women and providing them with the legal resources they need to thrive, Her Justice is not only transforming individual lives but also advancing the cause of gender equality and social justice. Together, let us continue to support and uplift the mission of Her Justice, ensuring that all women have the opportunity to live free from violence and injustice.

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