Single Origin Puerto Rican Coffee - 12 oz.

Equitably produced in collaboration with Forgotten Forest. Sourced from Rio Prieto, Yauco.

We're proud to partner with Forgotten Forest -- a vertically integrated, social enterprise that believes the ultra-specialty markets for coffee present an opportunity for agrarian resurgence in Puerto Rico -- on this limited release of equitably-produced, single-origin coffee from Rio Prieto, one of La Cordillera’s most famous microclimates. 

La Comunidad Rio Prieto is Forgotten Forest’s first variety from Rio Prieto, Yauco, and features beans from a selection of 25 smallholders who came together to pick ripe coffee during the remaining two months of this year's harvest. Roasted at the source, our single origin coffee offers a distinct tropical fruit acidity and crisp aftertaste.

Region: Rio Prieto, Yauco

Process/Wash: Carbonic Maceration Washed

Varietals: Limani, Fronton, Marsellesa, Caturra

Tasting Notes: Passion Fruit, Lemon Zest, Currant

Grind: Whole Bean

12 oz. bag whole bean coffee. Store in a cool, dark place. Use within 3 months for peak flavor!

• Single Origin

• Roasted at Origin

• Carbonic Maceration Washed

Add the Lucia Hierro Tote! 100% of proceeds to the Batey Relief Alliance

Meet Forgotten Forest

Through passion and dedication, founder Domenico Celli and his team are forging an alternative path for coffee in Puerto Rico – one that preserves agricultural heritage, while enriching the land itself. In the face of mainstream corporatization of the coffee industry in Puerto Rico, Forgotten Forest is doing important work reclaiming local coffee farmers’ place, reviving forgotten lands, and preserving the island’s cultural heritage.

The History of Puerto Rico’s Most Famous Coffee Town

Yauco is undeniably Puerto Rico’s most well-known coffee town, dating back to the 1800’s. By the turn of the 19th century, Puerto Rico was the 6th largest exporter of coffee in the world, and although it was grown throughout La Cordillera, farmers would travel on horseback or mules from all corners, over the mountains and into the bay of Yauco, where the sacks would be stamped with the name of the town before departing for Europe.

Rio Prieto, Yauco

Yauco remains a prominent coffee-producing town–not just by holding on to its glorious past, but because of its distinct terroir, influenced by leeward winds blowing off the nearby ocean, and heights which produce a significantly elongated growing season, extending past the rainy season, which typically coincides with peak harvest in other regions. 

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