Pollo Asado
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Pollo Asado

Puerto Rican-style whole roasted chicken seasoned inside and outside.

Jan 16, 2024

By: Milena Pagán | @littlesisterpvd

Pollo Asado was one of the first recipes I really mastered when I was learning to cook as a young girl in Puerto Rico. A whole roasted chicken can go a long way for a few meals: its leftovers can be endlessly turned into new and exciting meals, and in the interest of sustainability and less waste, I always save the carcass to make a flavorful broth at the end.

I learned the secret to the perfect roasted chicken from Thomas Keller’s Bouchon cookbook. Thoroughly drying the chicken with paper towels makes the seasonings, like organic Sazón and Adobo, stick better. This technique also allows the skin to get crispy by rendering its own fat. A little rub of olive oil doesn’t hurt either.

Pollo Asado cut up in bowl

Seasoning the chicken inside and outside will give you enough salt to get into the tender meat without being overpowering. As tempting as a hot chicken out of the oven can be, you must always allow the chicken to rest before cutting it so the juices can settle in the cooked meat.

When I cook this dish for family or friends, it is usually the main attraction when serving. As far as side dish pairings, my top recommendations would be arroz blanco, habichuelas negras, tostones, and a few slices of aguacate. With the amount of seasonings I put into the chicken, it still tastes just as flavorful 2-3 days after cooking. With any leftovers, it's super easy to toss into dishes like wraps or salads. (If you're making salad, check out how to use Loisa's Sofrito as a salad dressing!)

Pollo Asado with side dishes

The best thing about this recipe is it's very simple, but incredibly delicious. Whether you're looking for a weeknight meal that can easily yield multiple leftovers, or you're preparing an elaborate feast for your loved ones, this Pollo Asado is sure to please - and keep people coming back for seconds...and thirds!