Oyster Mushroom Pinchos
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Oyster Mushroom Pinchos

With a sweet, spicy, & savory pineapple barbecue sauce that even the meat-eaters will love!

Jun 16, 2023

by Lyana Blount | @blackricanvegan

The weather is warming up and we are officially in grilling season! A lot of people head straight to the meat section when planning for a BBQ, but I got something special for the vegans. These oyster mushroom pinchos are easy to make, healthy, and so full of flavor that the meat-eaters might snatch these up as well!

The secret to the recipe is a sweet and savory pineapple barbecue sauce, which I made by elevating store-bought barbecue sauce with fresh pineapple and Loisa’s Sofrito. Brush this on your kabobs while they’re cooking to create the perfect tasty glaze. You can always have fun with the veggies you chose for the skewers – I used bell peppers, red onion and zucchini alongside meaty oyster mushrooms. Feel free to have fun with it and use whatever veggies you like. Whatever you choose, this will surely become a go-to for all your BBQ’s this summer!

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