Haitian Rice & Beans
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Haitian Rice & Beans

Straight from the kitchen of Sendy's Cookin, featuring coconut milk & spicy habanero. 

Jun 02, 2023

By Sendy Nervil | @sendys_cookin

My name is Sendy Nervil known as Sendy’s Cookin. I was born and raised in Saint Louis du Nord, Haiti. I use my passion for cooking to expose the world to Haitian cuisine through social media. I encourage others to step out of their comfort zone and enjoy food from different cultures. My absolute favorite thing about food is how it brings everyone together. Rice and beans is the one delicious dish Latin American, Caribbean, and Africans share. Each of us has our unique twist that makes it special to our cultures. If you’re Haitian, you call it rice and beans. Meanwhile, Jamaicans call it rice and peas, and Kenyans call it rice and beans. In honor of Caribbean Heritage Month, I wanted to share a dish that conveys all the similarities between cultures and brings us closer to our African roots.

sazón, adobo, sofrito, and hatian black beans and rice or rice and peas

For best results with this recipe, I highly suggest using dry beans. Canned beans is another option to save time, but the results will be dramatically different. If you're someone with very little time, it is best to cook the beans the night before and store in the fridge. Remember, do not discard the liquid from cooking the dried beans! Use a mortar and pestle to ground the whole peppercorn, allspice and cloves. I personally love grounding my own peppercorn because it adds more flavor to the dishes. And, when adding the rice to the water, rice should always be above water. This is a Haitian secret for the best rice and beans. The water ratio for this recipe is 2:3.