Ensalada de Bacalao
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Ensalada de Bacalao

Bright and tangy, this classic salted cod ensalada is the perfect healthy side or main dish.

Dec 12, 2022

By: Chef Yadira Garcia | @happyhealthylatina

Ensalada de bacalao is a beloved dish in my home and in the homes of so many familias. If you're not familiar with this dish, you're in for a mouthwatering sopresa! This classic dish features bacalao or salted cod (also used to make bacalaítos) marinated in a tangy dressing with root veggies like carrots and potatoes.

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While ensalada de bacalao appears typically during Lent, when meat isn't eaten on Fridays, it's earned its rightful place on holiday tables as a side dish. But, I promise you, it can also be the star of any show! I like to add chayote or tayota squash to my ensalada de bacalao – one of my favorite island ingredients.

Bacalao ingredients, potato, chayote squash, carrot, peppers, onions.

What I love about this dish is that outside of the time it takes to soak your bacalao, it's so simple to put together and it delivers a big impact with a punchy vinaigrette and the beautiful, bright colors of all the ingredients coming together. I always like to make a little extra to ensure I have some leftovers for a healthy lunch or dinner the next day! 

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