2% for Justice Brigid Alliance

2% for Justice Brigid Alliance

We will continue to advocate for reproductive justice for all through supporting orgs like Brigid Alliance.

Jul 01, 2022

The last few weeks living in the U.S. have been heavy for many of us. As a company built for and by our comunidad, it’s important to us that every member of that comunidad feels represented, valued, and safe. The events that have taken place recently, from the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe V. Wade to the tragic attack in Highland Park on July 4th, has put the sense of security of many in our community at stake, including ourselves. We’re more than a kitchen company, we’re a team of people who are hurting from these events and who want to use our platform to do whatever we can to ensure our community feels seen, heard, and supported. Our greatest tool in being able to support various members of our communities facing injustice has been our 2% for Justice Initiative. Each month we donate 2% of our sales to a different organization fighting for social justice and change. Last month, our 2% for Justice went to Mom’s Demand Action, a grassroots volunteer organization committed to fighting for public safety measures to prevent gun violence. In light of the overturning of Roe V. Wade on June 24th, our 2% for Justice Initiative for July will support the Brigid Alliance, an organization that helps people get to safe abortion and reproductive care, no matter what. 



We will continue to advocate for reproductive justice for all through supporting orgs like Brigid Alliance. The barriers to accessing safe abortions and reproductive health care have only increased due to the recent Supreme Court ruling and will only continue to get harder for most. Wherever someone is who seeks abortion care in the U.S., Brigid Alliance finds a way to get them there – through direct support and collaboration with their network of partners. Brigid Alliance books, coordinates, and pays for travel and all travel-related expenses and child care for those seeking abortion care in other states. We’re proud to support Brigid Alliance this month, and we’re proud to use our platform every month to support social justice for everyone.  


Helping an average of 125+ clients per month, totaling the average cost of $1,250 per client, Brigid encourages people to donate no matter how small the amount. Every donation helps Brigid Alliance to serve people whose right to reproductive healthcare is limited by systemic oppression, misinformation campaigns, restrictions, and bans. Donate directly to their organization here.




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