Shipping Update - July/August 2022

Hola Familia!

We appreciate your continued support and are so proud to be bringing puro sabor to all of your cocinas. In the coming few weeks we will be undergoing some exciting changes with our business and with our order fulfillment process, and for that reason, certain order shipments will be delayed. 

If your order includes only items with sofrito (i.e. you ordered 1x or 2x Flavor Trio Combo) - expect your full order to ship between August 3-12.

If your order includes items with sofrito AND other items (i.e you ordered 1x 2-pack Sofrito, and 1x 4-pack of Sazón) - your non-sofrito items will ship normally and your sofrito items will between August 3-12. 

We hope this is helpful, and we appreciate your understanding. If you have any more questions, of course email us at

Buen provecho!

- The Loisa Familia