Let's talk Real Latin Flavor.

We're bringing Latin flavors into the world of real food.

There's no reason anyone should have to compromise on quality or health to get the tastes they love. When made with only rich and real ingredients, these classic Latin flavors can brighten up any kitchen or dish, #feedingtradition in ways that are both new and old. 

So, what's Sazón?

Combining oregano, garlic, cumin, coriander and more, this seasoning blend is at the heart of so many classic Latin dishes. Savory, not spicy, Sazón is known for the deep flavor and rich color it brings to rices, proteins, and more. We couldn't think of a better blend to be the star of our Organic Ready-to-Heat Rices

And what about Adobo?

A tried-and-true mix of organic garlic, turmeric, black pepper, and oregano with just a touch of sea salt, Adobo is the all-purpose partner to Sazón. Together, they are the staple seasonings in any Latin kitchen. Think of it as a vibrant salt replacement that brings a kick of savory flavor to whatever's cooking on the stove. It's also equally as tasty as a rub or in a marinade. 

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