Mojo Criollo
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Mojo Criollo

This mojo recipe is perfect to add over yuca, lechon, mashed potatoes, or your chuleta de pollo!

Sep 23, 2022

By Cristina Curp | @thecastawaykitchen

Mojo Criollo is a Cuban marinade with a tangy, garlicky flavor. Mojo is that one sauce that always reminds me of my Abuela. She put it on everything! But it especially reminds me of Noche Buena, where she would make insane amounts of boiled yuca swimming in mojo. This sauce is made by marinating onion in sour orange juice, garlic, and salt, then pouring hot oil over it to cook them. The result is a citrusy and bright sauce that adds the perfect boost of flavor to any meal. Mojo is perfect over yuca, mashed potatoes, and is often used as a marinade for steak or any meat. 

Pro tip: If you can’t find naraja argia (sour orange), just use 2 navel oranges and 2 limes.

mojo criollo ingredients
mojo criollo

I made my mojo using Loisa's Mortar y Pestle for the first time and it is so easy to use. My garlic doesn't slide all over the place and I love the silicone base so that I can position it however I need. 

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