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Loisa was born from our own desire for a more honest and better quality brand of Latin foods.

Both of us have young and growing families with deep pride and connection to Latin culture, and the food and flavors that define it. However we found ourselves unhappy with many of the rices, beans, seasonings and meals being sold by other Latin brands at our grocery stores - still being made with lower quality ingredients, packaged in harmful ways, and filled with artificial flavoring and colors.

This isn't just about food for us, though, either.  

We are a purpose-driven company. We believe in the value of traditions, both new and old. We believe in the importance of family and friends, and the meals that bring them together. These moments in life are our ultimate motivation. Through our company, and the food we create, we're committed to helping traditions thrive for generations. This is "Comida Para La Tradición".

Saludos, Ken and Scott

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