Introducing Loisa Organic Sazón

Introducing Loisa Organic Sazón

All you need to know about our signature organic Sazón spice.

Jun 12, 2018


We wanted our first post to answer some questions you may have about our signature spice, what to cook it with, and how much to use. Simple stuff to start getting that stove hot and some new ideas cooking. 


This spice blend is central to so many classic Latin dishes.  Simple rice, to rice and beans, to arroz con gandules or arroz con pollo. 

But to us, the possibilities have really become endless. The mix of flavors that comes from the garlic, oregano, cumin, and more goes well with pretty much anything.

No matter what you use our sazón for, we'll all for it. That's how old traditions stay strong, and how new traditions evolve. Just don't let this signature Latin flavor be one that's missing from your life, or your cupboard. 


What's unique about our sazon is that you can really use as much of it as you want since there are no harmful, fake ingredients, and only a touch of sea salt (sodium) in a blend. 

On the label it says 1.5 teaspoons per cup of uncooked rice or beans but these days we're using about 2.5 teaspoons per cup of uncooked rice or beans (or really, 2.5 teaspoons in replacement of a typical packet). We just can't get enough of that rich, real, honest flavor. 

If you have any more questions, or ideas you'd like to share, definitely let us know - or @eatloisa on Instagram!