Energy & Enthusiasm at Glow Wellness Tour in the Bronx
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Energy & Enthusiasm at Glow Wellness Tour in the Bronx

Loisa was proud to sponsor this day of holistic wellness, learning and cultura led by the amazing Candy Calderon.

Nov 08, 2018

This past weekend, we had the privilege of sponsoring the Glow Wellness Tour in the Bronx. For those of you not familiar, it's a new event series created by the all-inspiring certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach Candy Calderon meant to cater uniquely to Latinas & Women of Color...

“After attending HUNDREDS of wellness events that left me empty, like I couldn't relate, unrealistic and not at all speaking to the health & wellness challenges we face as women of color, immigrants, and what's considered ‘minorities’, I decided to help change the narrative."

Having never attended a focused Heath & Wellness event, let alone sponsoring one, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But when I arrived, it was an incredible scene. The room was glowing with enthusiasm and excitement; all the attendees eagerly awaiting to learn tips and tweaks to better their lifestyles.

The first panel was about Holistic Health, how to "decolonize your diet", and how fitness and eating habits have compounding effects on their quality of life. The panel was an awesome crew of leaders – fitness guru Mabel Marquez (@mabel.s.marques), wellness expert Indhira Santana (@mwshealth), and vegan visionary Blenlly Mena (@nextstopvegan). They talked about why they made big lifestyle changes themselves, which was super motivating for everyone in the room.

A most memorable moment for me was when one attendee asked for advice on protein alternatives for her household, because her young daughter doesn’t like meat. I totally empathize, because as a new father who grew up eating Caribbean influenced cuisine, I want to make sure my son gets to enjoy the great Latin flavors I enjoyed as a kid, but in a healthier way.

This brought my mind right back to why we started Loisa - a journey that led me to be at the Glow event that very moment, smiling and listening, surrounded by such immensely positive energy.

Of course, we made sure everyone left with a bottle of our Sazon y Adobo to bring that real flavor back home. 

Saludos, Kenny