Flavor Profiles with Melanie Santos #003
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Flavor Profiles with Melanie Santos #003

Meet spiritual leader, wellness de-stigmatizer, and generally awesome person Melanie Santos (@melaniesantos.co), as she shares her passion for change & tradition. 

Sep 09, 2020

Through this series, our aim is to share the stories and work of those who inspire us most here at Loisa - those who bring their own pure flavor to this world and elevate our lives by doing so. 

A little bit about Melanie Santos
Melanie Santos is a wellness leader, intuitive healer, writer, and speaker. Her work is rooted in creating safe spaces to discuss, de-stigmatize, and heal the divisive perception of mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. Using her own experiences as a catalyst for change since 2013, she’s committed to helping shift the culture of wellness, empower people to connect on a soul level, and intentionally invest in themselves to align with their highest possible existence. We've been learning from Melanie for years, it's been a blessing, and we're so proud to feature her here!

What's inspiring you most these days?
These days I’m inspired by the way the entire world is waking up and learning how to be better human beings. Collective consciousness is shifting its attention from rigid mindsets that only benefit some, to uncovering how these systems are failing the masses. As someone who is passionate about social change and uses her voices to influence people to open their minds, it’s beautiful to see.

What is a meaningful tradition in your life that revolves around food?
Food has always been at the center of all my family gatherings. Watching my mother make ingredients dance in the kitchen, gathering to say grace, and then digging into all the amazing flavors of Cuban and Dominican cuisine is one of my fondest memories and a tradition I’m trying to uphold now that I have a family of my own.

What are you excited to cook up next?
Literally? I am excited to finally learn how to make my Mom’s world-renowned asopao de camarones! It’s my favorite dish that she makes and she’s finally sharing the recipe with me. In life? I’m excited to cook up some new projects I’ve been mapping out behind-the-scenes. I’m even more excited to see them help the world shift into intentional living and purposeful action.

Find and join Melanie Santos online on melaniesantos.co, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook