Flavor Profiles with Catherine Perez #016
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Flavor Profiles with Catherine Perez #016

Meet Catherine Perez a registered dietitian, plant-based enthusiast, and long-time friend of Loisa! 

Jul 07, 2021

Through this series, our aim is to share the stories and work of those who inspire us most here at Loisa - those who bring their own pure flavor to this world and elevate it by doing so. 

About Catherine Perez (@plantbasedrd

My name is Catherine. I'm a registered dietitian and plant-based enthusiast here to inspired everyone to eat more plants. As a dietitian, I counsel individuals full time to help them make steady and sustainable health and wellness changes. I also love to share my cooking. The kitchen is therapeutic for me and being able to share simple and practical meals socially brings me great joy. I'm Dominican and part Mexican, so everything I eat tends to have a little Latin flare to it. This also helps me connect more with those that aren't as represented in the health and wellness space. I hope to continue learning and growing as a dietitian and helping those that need it most.   


What's inspiring you most these days?
Diversity. In everything I work on currently, I am putting a great emphasis on how to diversify the health and wellness space. The concept has also inspired me to look to more cuisine around the world. 
<p.< span="">Various cultures have taught me so much when it comes to tradition, cooking, and flavor. Learning from others and their traditions always keeps me inspired, busy and creative when it comes to making new recipes and presenting them to others. There are so many different flavors, colors, and stories to share in this world, and I'm really excited to learn about as many as I can. And another benefit of being inspired by others is that it also makes me feel very centered, appreciative and more in-tune with my own culture and traditions. Many traditions and foods may seem very different, but they inherently have very similar roots, just expressed and interpreted a little different. 

What is a meaningful tradition in your life that revolves around food?
Sitting at the table with family, laughing, and eating all the food. Nothing really compares to all the nights sitting at the table, eating my mom's food cooked with lots of love and care while listening to family just share everything. I grew up with my mom always emphasizing the importance of us eating together as a family. I carry that over even now. It's not a complete evening unless I'm sitting to eat with my husband. Food is a sense of community and comfort, but it also helps us tell stories and create vivid memories we can keep sharing with others. It's a tradition we keep that never gets old.

What are you excited to cook up next?
I'm really excited to get more into baking. I have such a sweet tooth and chocolate is just something I can't get enough of, so I will definitely be experimenting with more chocolate desserts soon. And of course I have to add a little bit of flare by adding a bit more nutrition to these recipes. I always appreciate being able to help insert a little more health and wellness into treats where I can. On top of this, I'm hoping to explore some more Latin desserts and try recreating a lot of my childhood favorites into vegan versions. Very excited for this challenge! 

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