A Quick Guide to Fresh Flavor

A Quick Guide to Fresh Flavor

Every January we review and refresh our flavor, and we've put together a few tips so you can join us in this act of renewal.

Jan 12, 2021

During January every year, we take stock of our pantry - out with the stale, in with the fresh! 

Anything we can share or donate, we do. Otherwise we take our time to review all our open spices, especially, to see what's in need of renewal -- because flavor is everything. 

How to tell your flavor is fresh:
Give your paprika a shake. If the scent doesn't travel up and hit your senses with a wave of earthy smokey goodness, it's time for a fresh bottle. Same with your oregano, garlic powder, cinnamon, and more. Give them a taste, too, of course. If "bright" isn't the word that pops into your head, and flavor is what you're here for, it's probably worth replacing. Color comes into play here, too. If they look dull, they probably taste dull. Overall, trust your food-loving instincts!

How long flavor lasts:
While sealed spices and seasonings are good for years, once that bottle is opened, we usually look at 10-12 months as the timeline for top flavor if stored properly (airtight in the cupboard). 

How to refresh your flavor:
Whether it's a spice or seasoning you can enjoy from Loisa, or any spice from all the other incredible cuisines and flavors around, we invite you to join us in an act of renewal at the beginning of every year!

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