2% for Upper Manhattan Communities
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2% for Upper Manhattan Communities

Supporting communities in Upper Manhattan for the holidays in collaboration with Cooking Wit D, Mami Chula Social Club, and Amores Cafe.

Dec 12, 2023

As part of our ongoing commitment to community, Loisa donates 2% of sales each month to a community organization. For the month of December, we are supporting a collaboration between Cooking Wit D, Mami Chula Social Club, and Amores Cafe to raise money for three different organizations dedicated to uplifting underserved communities in Upper Manhattan.

This holiday season, social media chef @_cookingwitd is joining forces with Mami Chula Social Club and Amores Cafe to host a series of holiday events in Upper Manhattan with an emphasis on giving back and providing some holiday cheer to underserved communities. This exciting collaboration aims to celebrate the richness of Latin holiday traditions while raising funds to support three organizations dedicated to serving vulnerable populations in the community.

The first event will be a Noche Buena Dinner at Amores Cafe on December 16th, featuring a family-style spread of traditional Dominican Nochebuena staples. Chef D will prepare a delectable feast, complemented by specialty drinks and live folkloric music.


Following the dinner, Buena Gente Day promises a day of family-friendly holiday activities at Amores Cafe on December 17th. This event invites community members to drop off a toy or make a small donation in exchange for a portrait with Santa. Attendees can enjoy delicious bites, fun activities, and holiday treats while contributing to the festive spirit. Anticipating over 200 attendees, this day is all about celebrating culture and the joy of giving.

The overarching goal of this festive weekend is to raise $10,000 to support three non-profit organizations in Upper Manhattan:

Dominican Women’s Development Center (DWDC)

The core mission of Dominican Women's Development Center is to counteract gender subordination by promoting self-sufficiency, advancing educational goals, and fostering the necessary skills and self-esteem to transform individual lives and communities. Recognizing the challenges faced by Dominican women, the organization is committed to empowering them to overcome barriers and achieve their full potential.

DWDC offers a range of programs and services tailored to the unique needs of the community it serves. These initiatives include educational programs, support services, and community engagement activities. The organization is dedicated to addressing issues such as economic empowerment and educational advancement.


One notable program within DWDC, called Nuevo Amanecer, focuses on domestic violence, providing critical support and resources to individuals facing such challenges. The organization recognizes the intersectionality of issues affecting women and works towards comprehensive solutions.

From money raised during the event weekend, $2,500 of the proceeds will be donated to DWDC. This contribution will specifically go towards purchasing gift cards for 50 participants in the center's domestic violence program. By supporting DWDC, the fundraising efforts aim to make a direct and positive impact on the lives of those facing domestic violence in the community.

Collectives 4 Arts Music & Dance (C4AMD)

Collectives 4 Arts Music & Dance is a cultural organization dedicated to empowering low-income communities through holistic cultural education. The organization operates with a commitment to providing interactive and engaging cultural and wellness programs in diverse communities across New York State and beyond.

C4AMD's initiatives are designed to enrich the lives of individuals in underprivileged communities by fostering creativity, cultural awareness, and overall well-being. The organization runs a performing ensemble that trains young artists in dance, music, and theater. This hands-on approach allows participants to explore and develop their artistic talents, contributing to their personal growth and cultural enrichment.


In addition to the performing ensemble, C4AMD organizes an art-based Summer Camp and year-round multicultural and multi-disciplinary wellness activities. These programs are tailored to various age groups, ensuring that participants receive age-appropriate cultural education and exposure to the arts.

$2,500 of event proceeds will be donated to C4AMD. This contribution will specifically support C4AMD's music and culture program for Uptown youth.

Children's Art Carnival

Founded in 1969, the Children's Art Carnival is an organization that lives up to its name by providing a wide array of art programs for children and young adults. The organization has been a vital force in enriching and motivating young people through various art programs. With a commitment to fostering creativity and artistic expression, the Children's Art Carnival has become a landmark in Upper Manhattan, offering a nurturing space for young artists to explore and develop their talents.

The programs offered by the Children's Art Carnival cover a broad spectrum of artistic endeavors, including painting, puppetry, 3-D construction, collage, printmaking, clay sculpture, photography, ceramics, cartooning, video production, fabric design, and computer graphics. This comprehensive approach allows participants to explore different forms of artistic expression and develop a well-rounded set of creative skills.


$2,500 of the proceeds will be donated to the Children's Art Carnival’s SASS program, specifically to purchase art supplies and self care products for 40 young girls. The SASS program reflects the Children's Art Carnival's commitment to addressing the needs of young women in the community, ensuring that they have access to essential resources and support for their artistic pursuits.

Be sure to check out these incredible organizations and learn how to support down below!


- Donate to the Dominican Women's Development Center here.

- Donate to the Collective 4 Arts Music & Dance here.

- Donate to The Children's Art Carnival here.