2% for Oko Farms
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2% for Oko Farms

An urban farming organization specializing in aquaponics farming and education.

Apr 29, 2024

As part of our ongoing commitment to community, Loisa donates 2% of online sales each month to a community organization. In honor of Earth Day this month, we are supporting Oko Farms, an urban farming organization specializing in aquaponics farming and aquaponics education.

In the heart of Brooklyn, amidst the cafés, nightclubs, and bodegas, there’s a unique farm that runs a little differently than most. Oko Farms, located at North 3rd and River Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, stands as the largest outdoor aquaponics farm in New York City. Established in the summer of 2022, this 10,000 square foot farm, nestled by the East River, serves as a hub for production, research, and education.

River street farms

At Oko Farms, education is at the forefront of its mission. The farm hosts a variety of educational workshops, farm tours, and operates a weekly farmers’ market during the summer months, inviting the community to immerse themselves in the world of aquaponics and sustainable agriculture. From introductory classes on aquaponics to advanced techniques in urban farming, there's something for everyone to learn and explore.

The land on which the Oko Farms Aquaponics Education Center now thrives carries a rich history. It was once home to the Lenape people, who stewarded the land using the Seventh Generation Principle—a philosophy that decisions concerning the land must be sustainable for seven generations to come. Oko Farms honors this tradition by embodying principles of sustainability, resilience, and stewardship in its practices.

Children visiting river street farm

Oko Farms isn't just about preserving traditions; it's about embracing the future with innovation. Through its research initiatives and experimental projects, Oko Farms is constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible in urban agriculture. From testing new aquaponics systems to exploring innovative growing techniques, Oko Farms is at the forefront of agricultural innovation.

In celebrating their 10-year anniversary since they established their first farm site, Oko Farms strives to increase the potential and longevity of the organization. Here are some of their goals:

  • Securing their next location: Oko Farms recognizes that their current River Street location in Williamsburg is not permanent. They aim to secure a new farm-site to continue their mission of sustainable food production and community engagement. This initiative involves ensuring a seamless transition for their existing aquaponics systems and the hundreds of fish they care for, while also expanding their capacity for food production and programming.
  • Increasing production for the Food Donation Program: Oko Farms is committed to giving back to the community through their Food Donation Program. They aim to significantly increase their impact by doubling their donation of freshly harvested fish and produce to organizations like One Love Community Fridge. This initiative also involves expanding programming to educate community members about aquaponics as a sustainable method of growing food. 
Oko Farms dinner
  • Furthering the reach of accessible Aquaponics Education: As the only publicly accessible outdoor aquaponics farm in NYC, Oko Farms plays a vital role in educating the community about sustainable agriculture. They plan to expand their educational programming by providing Title 1 school farm tours, offering scholarships for aquaponics workshops to BIPOC individuals, providing paid internships for local low-income youth, and offering remote educational opportunities to a wider audience.
  • Farms to Communities: Oko Farms believes in empowering vulnerable communities to grow their own food in the face of economic and environmental challenges. They aim to increase their capacity to consult with local communities and organizations on developing and maintaining their own aquaponics systems. By increasing food production and providing accessible education, Oko Farms works towards their vision of ensuring food security for all.

By honoring tradition, embracing innovation, and fostering community engagement, Oko Farms is not just a farm—it's a movement towards a more sustainable, equitable future. Whether you're a seasoned farmer, an aspiring gardener, or simply curious about sustainable living, Oko Farms welcomes you to join its journey. Check out their event calendar for upcoming workshops, tours, and events, and discover firsthand the beauty and potential of aquaponics farming.


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