2% For New York Common Pantry
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2% For New York Common Pantry

Reducing hunger in NYC and promoting dignity, health, and self-sufficiency.

Nov 22, 2023

As part of our ongoing commitment to community, Loisa donates 2% of sales each month to a community organization. For the month of November, we have chosen to support New York Common Pantry, a non-profit with a mission to reduce hunger and promote dignity, health, and self-sufficiency.

In the heart of New York City, where the vibrant energy of urban life meets the struggles of food insecurity, one organization stands out in its mission to reduce hunger, and promote dignity, health, and self-sufficiency. New York Common Pantry (NYCP) is a beacon of hope, dedicated to addressing the multifaceted issues surrounding hunger in the city through a comprehensive approach that goes beyond simply providing food.

Originally called the Yorkville Common Pantry, this organization was founded in 1980 as a small, volunteer-led neighborhood pantry, serving just 30 families. Throughout its time, NYCP has grown to offer meals and support to more than 500,000 community members annually through various health and wellness programs - and has developed into NYC’s most innovative emergency food providers.

The foundation of NYCP's initiatives lies in the distribution of nutritious, fresh food through the Choice Pantry program. Through these initiatives, NYCP offers grocery packages to underserved families multiple days a week in East Harlem and the Bronx. This program empowers individuals to make their own choices, promoting a sense of agency and dignity. Along with fresh groceries, NYCP provides hot, nutritionally balanced meals daily at their East Harlem location, ensuring that no one in the community goes to bed hungry.


Additionally, the organization has introduced a new Mobile Pantry Program that increases access to fresh produce and nutritious groceries by setting up different Mobile Pantry site locations throughout the city. This program significantly helps to reduce food insecurity by bringing food closer to families who do not have access or proximity to food pantries and other resources.

Among the comprehensive programs offered by New York Common Pantry, Nourish for Seniors stands out as a vital initiative addressing the unique nutritional needs of individuals aged 60 and older who face economic challenges. Nourish operates as a Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) with a specific aim - to enhance the health of seniors with low income by providing them with a diverse range of nutritious food choices sourced from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Through Nourish, seniors receive monthly food packages carefully curated to meet their nutritional needs. These packages include a thoughtfully selected array of items, such as milk, juice, farina, oats, ready-to-eat cereal, rice, pasta, peanut butter, dry beans, canned meat, poultry or fish, and canned fruits and vegetables. By providing a diverse selection of wholesome foods, Nourish not only addresses hunger but also contributes to the overall health and well-being of the seniors it serves.


Nourish goes beyond mere food distribution. The program incorporates a holistic approach to senior health by offering guidance on preparing nutritious meals. Nutritionists associated with the program disseminate valuable information on nutrition and health, empowering seniors with the knowledge to make informed choices about their diet.

When operating at full capacity, Nourish is poised to make a significant impact on the lives of seniors in need. The program aims to serve over 80 partner sites, extending its reach across boroughs, including Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Westchester County. This expansive network enables Nourish to effectively expand food and nutrition services to a wide range of low-income seniors, contributing to a healthier and more resilient community.

In the relentless pursuit of stability and access to entitled benefits, New York Common Pantry's Social Services Department operates Help 365, a comprehensive program consisting of Help 365 Manhattan, Help 365 Bronx, and Help 365 Mobile. This initiative goes beyond the conventional approach to social services, providing support 365 days a year to help guests achieve stability and access the resources they are entitled to.


The Help 365 case management staff takes a proactive approach to assist guests in acquiring benefits and entitlements that are crucial for their well-being. This includes screenings for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Social Security Supplemental Income. The staff also offers valuable assistance in accessing other resources, such as preventing evictions and making employment referrals.

NYCP’s Social Services Department also runs Project Dignity, a compassionate response to the unique challenges faced by homeless individuals. Project Dignity's services are designed not only to meet the basic needs of homeless individuals, such as food and hygiene services but also to address the larger, more challenging issues they face, including stable housing and access to benefits. The ultimate goal of the program is to serve as a bridge back to health, well-being, and self-sufficiency for homeless and hungry guests, providing them with the support and resources needed to rebuild their lives with dignity. In essence, Help 365 and Project Dignity embody the commitment of New York Common Pantry to addressing the multifaceted challenges faced by individuals in need, offering a helping hand and a pathway to stability, dignity, and self-sufficiency.


An essential component of NYCP's holistic approach is the Live Healthy! program. This initiative goes beyond providing food by offering direct nutrition education and policy system and environments programming for under-served, high-need community members, with a specific focus on the SNAP-eligible population.

Live Healthy! encompasses behaviorally-focused nutrition education and obesity prevention activities for both adults and children. Through single and series workshops conducted in diverse settings such as schools, community centers, senior centers, food pantries, community colleges, and health care settings, the program aims to instill a deeper understanding of the importance of a nutritionally sound diet and active living.

New York Common Pantry's multifaceted approach to hunger relief sets it apart as a beacon of hope in the fight against food insecurity. Through its various health and wellness programs, NYCP is not only providing immediate relief but also fostering long-term independence and well-being. As we look to the future, it is organizations like NY Common Pantry that remind us of the power of compassion and community in creating positive change.



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