Feeding Tradition with better quality, real Latin Foods

Loisa was born from our own desire for an honest, better quality brand of Latin foods.

Both of us come from families with deep pride in Latin culture and the meals and traditions that define it. But in becoming more conscious of the foods we eat, how they're made, and what they're made of, we couldn't find anything on store shelves that checked all the right boxes - certified organic, made with only real ingredients, rich with traditional Latin flavor. And it just didn’t feel right to buy generic store brands instead...there’s no culture or history there!

So, we created Loisa, with a promise to our customers and ourselves:

  • To always use real, high quality ingredients

  • To always source our foods from sustainable partners

  • To always package products cleanly, without the use of toxins

And Loisa is about more than food, just like food is about more than eating:

  • We are a purpose-driven company that puts people first

  • We believe in the value of traditions, both new and old

  • We believe in the importance of family and friends, and the meals that bring them together

These are our ultimate motivations. And through our company we're committed to making food you'll be proud to eat, cook, and serve for generations. 


Kenny y Scott, Co-Founders, Loisa