Colorblock Apron - DEV PRODUCT


Colorblock Apron - DEV PRODUCT


Finally, an apron as vibrant as the culture and flavor you're cooking up. Inspired by La Isla. Made in NYC. 

  • Manufactured in partnership with the workwear icons at Tilit
  • 25% of proceeds to support positive change in the hospitality workplace via Drive Change
  • Made with a super durable, easily washable, wrinkle free cotton blend that's both beautiful to the touch and ready for anything
  • Two pockets in the perfect places (chest & hip)
  • Adjustable neck strap so everybody fits in

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Why it’s better: A classic chef's apron in uniquely vibrant colors. Made in NYC in partnership with the hospitality workwear icons at Tilit

Material: Super durable, washable, wrinkle-free cotton/poly blended fabric

Dimensions: Width: 27", Length: 33", Waist Strap: 39", Neck Strap: Max: 35.25" Min: 20"

Care: 1. Wash: Cold water and low heat / air dry works best. 2. No bleach! No really! Please don't bleach the aprons as you'll wash away that beautiful color. 


pure quality

Pure Quality

Certified organic, Non-GMO, Plant-based

good for all

Good for all

Vegan, Gluten Free, No MSG

all flavor

All flavor, no filler

No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, ever.