Scott Hattis & Kenneth Luna, Co-Founders

We realized a better quality, honest brand of traditional Latin foods had to exist, but didn't.

Long-time friends, we’re serious fans of flavor (of course), and care about the foods we eat and the story behind them.

Problem was, we couldn’t find any Latin foods on shelves that checked all the right boxes - real ingredients, no artificial flavors, colors, fillers or MSG, packaged cleanly, and made by a transparent company committed to this culture.

So, we started Loisa, to serve the needs of our families and our community, a generation of more mindful eaters with pride in their traditions and a desire for more real Latin foods.

Kenny was born into this, practically.

Half Dominican, half Peruvian, raised in a home of mixed Latin culture and cuisines, with a family whose work life and home life has always revolved around food. He’s also a new Dad (shout out to Leon!) eager to keep these flavors going.

Scott grew into this, so to speak.

His wife Anna is Dominican, and he can genuinely say that his love for her grew alongside his love for her family, the foods they’ve cooked together, and the traditions they now share. He’s also especially proud of his growing ability to tie pasteles.

Our personal stories motivate us to build Loisa every day.

We don’t want generic organic store brand products on our counters or tables anymore. They don’t spark conversation about Papi, Noche Buena, or time on La Isla. We don’t want to look the other way when we throw seasoning into our calderas anymore. Ignoring the truth doesn’t feel good. And we know you feel this way, too - the most common response we’ve received from customers so far has been "thanks".

This is just the beginning.

We’re set on #feedingtradition with quality, convenient, and real Latin foods & flavors for generations to come. So please, let us know what you’d like us to make next. (Really, email us and let us know and

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