Grilled Avocado Bowls
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Grilled Avocado Bowls

These grilled avocado bowls are packed with nutrients and make for the perfect summer plant-based meal.

Jun 17, 2022

By Karla Salinari | @thelatinahealthcoach

Grilled avocados are trending this season, and I’m here for it. I’ve created my own take – grilled avocado bowls stuffed with with a fresh and flavorful quinoa salad. These are the perfect side dish or quick lunch for the summer. And, thanks to  Loisa Sazón and Adobo, have an extra hint of classic Latin sabor that you will love. 

What makes this dish such a good power lunch? Avocados are high in healthy fat, which helps the body absorb important nutrients. When paired with superfoods like quinoa (which has 9 grams of plant protein per cup), and colorful veggies high in fiber and antioxidants, you’ve got a powerhouse of nutrition.

As a Latina Health Coach, I love to give my dishes a Latin twist by adding flavors that connect me to my culture, like Adobo and Sazón. I use Loisa’s spices made with clean, organic ingredients that I can trust.  

I hope you enjoy this delicious plant-based meal as much as I do. I promise it'll keep you feeling satisfied and energized for hours!