Burrito de Plátanos Maduros y Queso Frito
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Burrito de Plátanos Maduros y Queso Frito

A magical mix of flavors in this burrito recipe featuring plátanos maduros y queso frito.

Aug 26, 2022

By Stephanie Alvarado | @thisisavocado_

April 7th is National Burrito Day, and it just might be my favorite day of the year. I’m celebrating with a sweet, salty, and savory burrito filled with all of my favorite childhood foods growing up in a Salvadoran home. I’m starting with casamiento, Salvadoran rice & beans, and pairing it with fried sweet plantains and queso frito. I used Loisa’s signature Sofrito and Organic Sazón for fresh, bold sabor. Together, these components create an explosion of flavor thanks to the sweetness of the maduros, the saltiness of the queso frito, and the savory casamiento. I love these burritos so much, each bite brings me back to the sweet memories of whipping up these dishes with my mother as a little girl. 

burritos, sofrito, sazon, platano, plantain, queso frito, fried cheese, casamiento

casamiento, burrito, platanos, plantains, queso frito, fried cheese