Arroz con Salchichas

By: Carolina Ginorio | @caroginorio_pr

Arroz con Salchichas is a Puerto Rican staple. Every day when my mom dropped me off at school she would ask what I wanted to eat for dinner that night, and 9 times out of 10 I would answer, “arroz con salchichas!”  

Fortunately for me, my mom loves to cook, and one of my favorite things about growing up was walking home at the end of a long day of school thinking about what tasty meal was waiting for me on the stove. I would open the door and the smell of sofrito would immediately hit my face. I would race to my room, quickly change out of my uniform, and plop down at the table with my stomach rumbling and mouth-watering. She wouldn’t give in every time, but at least once every other week or so I got my wish—a big bowl of arroz con salchichas.

Best when paired with some habichuelas and tostones on the side (with mayoketchup, of course), this was one of the first dishes I learned to make when I finally had a kitchen of my own. My mom was happy to walk me through it over the phone, miles, and miles away. My eyes watered when I took the first bite—it truly felt and tasted like I was a kid again, sitting at the table talking about what happened at school between big mouthfuls of deliciousness. 

This super simple recipe is made even easier with Loisa’s Sofrito and Organic Sazón. They pack a ton of flavor and really add depth to each bite. Whether you’ve never tried it before or you’ve been craving this for a long time, I highly recommend you try it soon! sofrito, loisa sofrito, vienna sausages, salchichas, arroz con salchichassazon, sazón, loisa sazón, vienna sausages, salchichas, arroz con salchichassofrito, sazon, loisa sazón, loisa sofrito, vienna sausages, salchichas, arroz con salchichas

About the Chef:

My name is Carolina Ginorio, I was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I use my love of food and my background in design to make videos that highlight how fun it is to cook and eat Puerto Rican food. I started cooking as a way to feel at home even when I was far away, so although I may not make it the way your abuela would, each bite is sure to transport you to my favorite island on the globe.



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